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Today courts actively encourage companies to use business mediation to attempt to resolve any disputes before moving to court proceedings. So central is the process of business mediation that companies may actually be penalised for failing to attempt mediation. There are good reasons for this, commercial mediation is swift and confidential, highly cost effective and very flexible. It also has a high rate of success, not only with resolving issues but with maintaining good relationships between the disputing parties.

Robertsons Solicitors has an accredited civil and commercial mediator who can help in resolving a range of business disputes including:

  • Disputed obligations relating to commercial contracts
  • Partnerships and shareholders
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Employment disagreements
  • Tax liability disputes
  • Domestic and commercial property litigation
Commercial Mediation

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Working with Robertsons means your business will be engaging with a company that has worked across many industry sectors. We know that commercial mediation can be undertaken proactively and early in the dispute process to resolve any problems before costs escalate and disruption to business activities occurs. Our professional legal services team offer a versatile and tailored approach that is in harmony with your business imperatives and that has a strategic focus of helping you to move as rapidly as possible towards solutions rather than remaining stuck in problems.

If you’re facing difficulties, why not give us a free no obligation call to see how mediation can help resolve them.


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