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Nobody goes into a relationship planning for it to end. That’s what makes it so painful and difficult to apply for divorce. Robertsons Family Law Solicitors Cardiff has unequalled experience in helping people find their way through the various stages of divorce. While divorce in the UK must always follow a legal process - which includes identifying divorce grounds, making arrangements for children’s care and their maintenance and the division of money and property - our divorce advice is always tailored to your specific circumstances. The rules for civil partnerships are very similar to those for divorces, as long as you have been in your civil partnership for 12 months you can apply to have it dissolved.

Our family law team have a proven track record with their expert knowledge of the law evidenced by the fact the team hold the Law Society Family Law and Children Law accreditation, together with the Resolution Specialist Accreditation.  We are also proud to have the team ranked in the well regarded Chambers Directory and Legal 500 list.

Our divorce solicitors, Cardiff, can help you with:

  • Deciding your approach to divorce (mediation, amicable, contested etc)
  • Cost of divorce
  • Child maintenance 
  • Division of assets
  • Domestic violence
  • Living arrangements
  • Situations where you were married abroad or one of you has non-UK nationality
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
Divorce solicitors Cardiff

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Separation agreements

A separation agreement resolves questions about finance and children’s care while you are separated from your partner. While a separation agreement does not have the force of law, which means that a court might vary its contents or change elements you’d previously agreed, many couples find that creating a separation agreement can make any subsequet proceedings less stressful and shorten the time taken to get a divorce. If you are ready to discuss a separation, our expert divorce lawyers can help you create a separation agreement that gives you peace of mind.

Robertsons Solicitors - divorce law with a human face

Divorce isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant either. Our family law experts know how to simplify and streamline the stages of a divorce to minimise its effects on family members. The cost of divorce is always a concern, which is why we help clients who are funding their own divorce or civil partnership dissolution proceedings as well as those receiving Legal Aid as a result of domestic violence. If you’re wondering how to proceed, please contact us for a free, confidential and no obligation consultation to help you choose the best path out of an unhappy relationship.


"Chris Barber has been a huge help to me through my divorce. He was always clear, quick to respond, and efforts he made not to inflame a difficult situation for the sake of all of us, including our daughter, have been most appreciated. Thank you." I. Harries

divorce solicitors cardiff