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Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney are frequently put in the 'must do' box. But unfortunately, when it's too late, it really is too late.

These are uncomfortable topics for many of us to discuss, let alone plan for, however complicated situations can arise if we don't and a difficult situation can become so much worse.


Everybody should have a will. Without one the government dictates who inherits your property, personal possessions and cash.  In the event of you dying prior to having made a will your anecdotal (or seemingly obvious) wishes will not be considered.

We provide a full will writing service which is tailored to your requirements and accounts for your specific situation. If you want to protect the ones you love, it is essential to write your will today because unfortunately, you never know when you are going to need it.

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When someone dies, sorting out their financial affairs can be a struggle for those left with the responsibility.

Here at Robertsons, we will deal with all aspects of the administration of an estate.  We can do this as Executors (if we are appointed by the Will), or as Solicitors instructed by the family/next of kin of the person who has died.

Regardless of how we are instructed, we always work to relieve the family members of the burden that this entails.

A will does not necessarily mean that disputes will not arise.  If they do, you may need specialist advice which we offer on all aspects of probate-related problems.  This includes litigation if a dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

All adults have the right to manage their own finances and to make decisions about their own welfare and healthcare. However, if old age, illness, disability or accident intervenes, a family member may need to make an application to the Court of Protection in respect of the property and affairs of the person affected.

This process is complicated and costly, and can be avoided by means of a Lasting Power of Attorney.  This deed is signed while a person has capacity to do so and can also be signed to cover the personal welfare and healthcare of the person concerned.

Our experienced team will advise you or a family member and prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney if that appears appropriate.

We are happy to make home visits to facilitate elderly clients.


A trust deed or settlement is a legal document by which property or assets are placed under the control of appointed Trustees to administer for the benefit of those named in the Trust Deed/settlement.

Property and assets held in trust are taxed separately for Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax purposes. Trusts can be used as a means of reducing tax liabilities both during, and after, the lifetime of the person who creates the Trust.

We can assist in preparing Trusts and, if appropriate, work closely with your own accountant or financial adviser to ensure that the Trust works in the best interests of everyone involved.

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