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Robertsons takes part in Will Aid 2020

Date Posted: 29 October 2020

This November Robertsons is taking part in Will Aid.  Find out how you can get your Will written for free whilst donating to a range of amazing UK charities. 

Writing a Will During a Global Pandemic

Date Posted: 09 October 2020

Rhian Rees heads up our Private Client department.  This article written by her examines the issues of writing and executing a Will during a global pandemic. 

Honey, things have changed, let’s get a post-nuptial agreement.

Date Posted: 30 September 2020

The chances are that you will have heard of a pre-nuptial agreement; but what is a post-nuptial agreement and why might one be required? 

What makes a good conveyancing solicitor?

Date Posted: 27 August 2020

There are many excellent conveyancing solicitors to be found - but what REALLY makes a good conveyancing solicitor an excellent one ... and one that's right for you? 

Working from home issues are not just about employment law.

Date Posted: 30 July 2020

Employers with staff working from home on an extended or even permanent basis have so much more than legal issues to consider.  We discuss what these are. 

How to ensure your workplace is COVID secure

Date Posted: 08 July 2020

As businesses start to open, there is a duty on employers to create a risk assessment to ensure that employees work in a COVID secure environment.  This article considers some of the rules and considerations that need to be made.  

What happens to debt on divorce?

Date Posted: 02 July 2020

One of the reasons for divorce can often be debts that have accrued.  But what happens with those debts when dealing with the financial settlement during the divorce process?

Automated Facial Recognition Software - a data protection issue?

Date Posted: 23 June 2020

A challenge to the use of automated facial recognition technology has argued ‘that the software breaches privacy rights and will “radically” alter the way Britain is policed’ and that it is racially discriminatory.’

Furloughed staff - to holiday or not to holiday?

Date Posted: 29 May 2020

We’re currently receiving enquiries from employers who have furloughed employees, and employees who have been furloughed. Both are asking the same question, albeit from two different perspectives.

Beating Domestic Abuse

Date Posted: 27 April 2020

When the Coronavirus lockdown was initially put in place there was concern that the number of domestic abuse cases would increase.  Sadly, this has become a fact.  How does domestic abuse manifest itself and how can you help someone who may be struggling to exit a relationship?