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What does the smacking ban in Wales mean for parents?

Date Posted: 29 January 2020

The Welsh Assembly has passed a law that bans parents in Wales from smacking their children.  We look at what this means for families. 

What can employers dictate when it comes to working at Christmas?

Date Posted: 16 December 2019

As an employer, do you have the right to ask your staff to work at Christmas? And conversely, can you ask them to take annual leave during the Christmas period? 

Christmas is coming. It’s time to think tinsel, turkey and tact.

Date Posted: 22 November 2019

Christmas will soon we with us.  Just a few weeks away and for many, preparations will be well underway.  But how well are you prepared for being with your family exclusively for an extended period of time? 

What is Litigation?

Date Posted: 24 October 2019

We thought it was about time we answered one of our most commonly asked questions ... What is Litigation? 

Can a probate dispute be mediated?

Date Posted: 16 October 2019

Dealing with probate can be a difficult and emotional times for many families and often it leads to disputes.  However, not all disputes have to be resolved through the court. Mediation can be an effect way of resolving proabte disputes.

Do step-parents have parental rights over their step-children?

Date Posted: 09 October 2019

There are many familes where step-parents have a large involvement in the upbringing of their step-children.  However, what rights do step-parents have over their step-children?

What Happens When Your Employer Goes Insolvent?

Date Posted: 04 October 2019

As Thomas Cook becomes the latest casualty of the high street, here is what employees are entitled to claim when their employer goes insolvent.

From pre-nups to pet-nups!

Date Posted: 23 September 2019

It's very likely that you will have heard of a pre-nup - but have you ever hear of, or considered, a pet-nup?  

Proroguing of parliament slows down the Domestic Abuse Bill

Date Posted: 20 September 2019

In January 2019 the government set down the much needed Domestic Abuse Bill.  However, the prorogration has slowed down its implementation, but thankfully it will still happen.

How can landlords defend disrepair claims made by their tenants?

Date Posted: 16 September 2019

There is a rise in tenant's bringing claims of disrepair against their landlords.  What can landlords do to protect themselves and how do landlords defend claims?