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Upskirting law comes into force

Date Posted: 23 April 2019

'Upskirting' is now a criminal offence in England and Wales after a woman launched a campaign to criminalize the act. 

A night to remember at the Cardiff Life Awards!

Date Posted: 22 March 2019

We were delighted to sponsor the Charity award at this year's Cardiff Life Awards. Find out about our evening and the winner in this blog. 

Are you seven in 10?

Date Posted: 20 February 2019

Do you have plans in place to cover end of life care? New research has found that 71% of British people don't. Don't be seven in 10, plan ahead!

Our Head of Probate ‘Steps’ Up to the Mark with Prestigious Accreditation

Date Posted: 04 February 2019

Robertsons Solicitors were delighted to have featured in Business News Wales recently, following the accreditation of our Head of Wills, Probate and Trusts, Afonwy Howell-Pryce, by a prestigious society. 

Domestic Abuse: A Landmark Legislation

Date Posted: 23 January 2019

The government's draft domestic abuse legislation provides new protections and support for victims but what else should we expect from the draft bill?

Coping with Christmas

Date Posted: 17 December 2018

Christmas is known to be the most wonderful time of year, but for parents who are separated with children, it's not always the case. We've compiled a list of tips on how to manage your children this festive season. 

Warning for bereaved families facing increase in ‘death tax’

Date Posted: 10 December 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Recent changes in probate fees and the way the application procedure works has left bereaved families in south Wales thousands of pounds worse off. Find out more here. 

Who Will care for your children?

Date Posted: 21 November 2018

 Nearly two-thirds of parents made no legal provisions for who would care for their children if they were no longer around. Have you put any provisions in place for your children should the worst happen?

What is a civil partnership?

Date Posted: 22 October 2018

What exactly are civil partnerships? Here's everything you need to know.

Divorce: a call for change?

Date Posted: 24 September 2018

There's a call for a change in the divorce law, but what change is that? Read our blog to find out more.